Under the radar disruption of 2020

  • Apple ditched Intel chips in their MacBooks for their…

This book pioneered the now-canonical concepts of minimum viable products and pivots.

  • The goal of a lean startup is to figure out the right thing to build — that customers want and will pay foras quickly as possible. The product should not try to achieve perfection, rather it…

Exciting new technologies and the companies that create them seem like obvious investment opportunities. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in the companies leading a new world-changing technological paradigm?

Each past technological revolution has changed the world in profound and distinct ways but their relationship with financial capital has been remarkably consistent. We can’t predict how emergent technologies will change the world we can draw insight from how financial markets have behaved through past technological revolutions.

A technological revolution…

Also known as Socially Responsible Investing or Impact Investing

ESG investing is becoming a bigger concern outside of Wall Street boardrooms. 87 percent of millennials and 64 percent of women agree that ESG plays an important role in their investment decisions.

While the courts are still deciding who regulates access to the Internet. The conversations taking place online are growing increasingly tense.

The False Assumption

The law says you can be whatever type of platform you want. And when you remove content that you…

In 2019, Spotify announced it was moving its music focus to a more general audio focus to broaden its offerings and widen its global lead on competitors. It acquired the Joe Rogan Experience early in 2020 and penned exclusive podcast deals with Kim Kardashian and DC Comics.

Fintech is short for financial technology — seems simple, right?
Well, the term fintech includes a huge range of products, technologies, and business models that are changing the financial services industry.

It refers to everything from cashless payments, to crowdfunding platforms, to robo-advisors, to virtual currencies. So every time you…

How to make money from Quantum Computing

An IBM’s research lab in Yorktown Heights, New York, the big tech company, houses several quantum computers already hooked up to the cloud. Corporate clients such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are part of IBM’s Q Network, where they can experiment with the quantum machines and their programming language.

What’s at stake for companies or individuals when seeing or hearing is no longer believing?

Audio deepfakes

The African Growth Story

Africa is home to 54 countries and a population of more than 1.3 billion people. And according to the U.N.’s world population prospects of 2019, that’s expected to explode to 4.3 billion by the start of the next century.

The African population also remains young, very young. …

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