Under the radar disruption of 2020

  • Apple ditched Intel chips in their MacBooks for their homegrown m1 chips.
  • AMD beat intel on both pcs and servers.
  • Amazon released its second-generation arm processors for servers while Microsoft has started working on its equivalent.
  • Mediatek overtook Qualcomm as the largest vendor of mobile socs.
  • Samsung’s Exynos processors began catching up to Qualcomm on the high end.
  • Nvidia…

  • The goal of a lean startup is to figure out the right thing to build — that customers want and will pay foras quickly as possible. The product should not try to achieve perfection, rather it should be built based on the expressed desires of the market. Thus, a startup should assess consumer interest and quickly iterate after feedback.
  • How do we know what customers want? Sometimes even the customers don’t even know what they want. To confirm or reject your hypothesis, experiments must be run…

Exciting new technologies and the companies that create them seem like obvious investment opportunities. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in the companies leading a new world-changing technological paradigm?

Also known as Socially Responsible Investing or Impact Investing

While the courts are still deciding who regulates access to the Internet. The conversations taking place online are growing increasingly tense.

The False Assumption

The law says you can be whatever type of platform you want. And when you remove content that you consider to be objectionable, you’re not going to assume liability for that.

Investors are buying it!

How to make money from Quantum Computing

What’s at stake for companies or individuals when seeing or hearing is no longer believing?

Audio deepfakes

The African Growth Story

Shivam Singh

Random musings on Finance, Technology, Media, AI, and Venture Capital.

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